Plasgreen™ is a revolutionary new additive that enhances plastic biodegration in landfill.*

*  Independent 3rd-Party lab testing showed 40.2% enhanced biodegradation in 385 days under ASTM D5511 test method using Plasgreen™ in PP material compared to 3.2% for PP material without
tested over the same time period. Results should not be extrapolated past the actual duration of the test.

  • Plasgreen™ treated plastics are converted to gases and organic matter through microbe consumption of its polymer chains. Plasgreen™ treated plastic has not shown to degrade through fragmentation or by creating microplastics.
  • Plasgreen™ treated plastics have not shown adverse effects to the treated plastics’ integrity or functionality.
  • Plasgreen™ has not shown to contaminate or negatively affect the recycling process of plastics.
  • Plasgreen™ has not shown to have an effect on a plastics’ food grade test results.
  • Plasgreen™ has shown to accelerate only what naturally occurs over time.

Plastics can last for hundreds and even thousands of years in our environment. Enhancing biodegradation effectively reduces these deposits of plastic building up all over the world. But until now, the attempts to create a successful technology and deal effectively with plastic waste had major drawbacks preventing widespread adoption. After years of development, Plasgreen™ has overcome virtually all of these challenges.

Comparison between Plasgreen™ and other Additives
Compostable materials (PLA) mixed with plastic Oxydegradable materials (EPI,D2W) Plasgreen™
Recyclability Has shown to contaminate the process and facilities Not suitable No negative effects found
Product shelf life Unstable 6 months – 2 years Same as traditional plastics
Risks Requires commercial composting; mixed material contaminates composting Begins fragmentation when exposed to oxygen. Creates microplastics that can be ingested by marine organisms No risks discovered
Applicable materials N/A PP, PE and PVC Has successfully worked in many common plastics

What does it do?

Plasgreen™ attracts microbes to the plastics in oxygen free, microbe rich environments such as landfills, oceans and soil. What would take microbes centuries to do, now happens at an enhanced rate.

After plastic breaks down, what is left?

Tests have shown that as the plastic breaks down it only leaves natural stuff. Our treated plastics are digested by microbes and the byproducts of this process are biogas and humus. The bio gases can be collected for clean energy and the humus is just organic compost.