Plasgreen's mission is to improve the end-of-life options for plastic waste


To improve the end-of-life options for plastic waste globally through the recognition and use of Plasgreen’s additive at an industrial and consumer level.


Plasgreen™ technologies’ vision is to eliminate the build-up of plastic waste globally through sustainable and environmentally-friendly actions.

Plasgreen™ technologies actively supports the use of sustainable, home-compostable biobased alternatives and plastic recycling in the fight against plastic waste. Where this is not possible, Plasgreen™ promotes the use of organic additives for accelerated natural biodegrading conversion of plastic to organic matter in microbe-rich environments. Plasgreen’s vision is to have every plastic product contain Plasgreen’s additive to achieve this goal.


Plasgreen™ cares. We care about the environment, this and future generations, our staff and our customers.

We incorporate this into everything we do;
  • We campaign for the use of recycled plastic in every product
  • We ensure all our products can be recycled
  • We reduce reliance on plastic as a first alternative in products and packaging
  • We reduce landfill and plastic waste through innovative plastic additives
  • We encourage flexible working conditions and a positive work culture
  • We support personal days for charitable and environmental causes
  • We reduce cost for customers to assist with the adoption of new green technologies
  • We Improve the understanding and awareness of plastic end-of-life alternatives