Plasgreen™ is the plastic solution that supports both recycling and anaerobic biodegradation in landfill.

Reference “Trash to Renewable Energy – Waste Management Video”

Recycled plastic and Plasgreen™

Plasgreen™ can be added to recycled plastics.

At 'end-of-life' these plastics either get recycled again or they go to landfill where they will begin to anaerobically biodegrade to organic waste.

The combination of using recycled plastic and Plasgreen™ effectively REMOVES plastic from the planet.

Gases produced from biodegradation in landfills can create bioelectricity

According to an IEA Bioenergy report (2017)*, the most significant biogas plant type in Australia is landfill.

*IEA Bioenergy Task 37 – Country Reports Summary 2017, ISBN978-1-910154-50-2.