Our Mission - Our Philosophy

Plasgreen™ Technologies Ltd is extremely concerned about the environment and what we are leaving to our children. Plastic waste is building up globally at astonishing rates. It takes minutes for plastic to be made and centuries for it to biodegrade.

We at Plasgreen™ are encouraged to see so many companies looking for solutions to the issues of plastic waste and exploring plastic alternatives. 100% home-compostable, biobased plastics are encouraging for single-use products like food packaging but they have limited shelf life and stability. Many plastic products need to be more durable. Currently, recycling is the best process to extend the useful life of plastic and keep itout of landfill. Unfortunately 80% of plastic still ends up in landfill, and remains there for hundreds of years.

Proposed solutions such as Hybrid ‘biobased’ products, oxo-degradable and photo-degradable plastic alternatives can contaminate these vital recycling streams and create micro-plastics harmful to our soil and oceans. They are considered disasterous to the environment.

Plasgreen™ offers a green alternative. Our Plasgreen™ patented additive will enhance the plastic’s natural biodegradation into biomass and gases (as per organic decaying matter) without toxic remnants or microplastics. What’s more, Plasgreen’s additive (as tested via the Haze and Transmission test) does not affect the plastic’s ability to be recycled. So Plasgreen-treated plastic can be used again and again.

Plasgreen™ does not affect any of the following plastic characteristics:
  • Strength
  • Texture
  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • Impact resistance
  • Safety

"We don’t want to see plastic end up in landfill. But if it does, Plasgreen™ will ensure its natural biodegradation into organic matter will be dramatically accelerated, thus reducing the build-up of plastic waste globally."

Only when Plasgreen-treated products end up in landfill will the ‘magic’ occur. Plasgreen provides an end-of-life solution that only activates in an anerobic, microbe-rich environment like landfills. It is currently the best solution for plastic waste that does not make it to a recycling plant.
Plasgreen™ is also FDA compliant, Toy Safety Standards compliant and meets EU REACH, RoHS and ESFA apparel requirements.