Our mission is to provide the world with a new, improved ‘end-of-life’ solution for plastics. Take a journey with us to understand this revolutionary technology…

Plasgreen is a new plastic additive. Plasgreen™ accelerates the conversion of plastic into organic matter in landfill…

Plasgreen™ is added during the production of plastic products. Plasgreen™ treated plastic supports both recycling and anaerobic biodegradation in landfill at the
product’s end-of-life…

Let’s look at the science of what happens when the product gets to landfill...

  • The additive allows micro-organisms to culture on the surface as a biofilm.
  • Chemical signals attract microbes who feast on the polymer chains.
  • In landfill, this enzymatic process breaks down the polymers the same way as organic material but at an enhanced rate to traditional plastics.
  • The released gases are captured and converted to energy. All that remains is humus (organic material) and water.*
* In landfills where biogas is captured. Not all current landfills capture biogas.

Plasgreen™ Anaerobic Biodegradation Test*

Plasgreen™ treated plastic helps with the product’s end-of-life. Plasgreen™ promotes recycling where possible. But should the product end up in landfill, Plasgreen™ treated plastic will experience enhanced biodegradation rates over those of traditional plastic.

Save the planet

Did you know that even with all the recycling we do, most plastic ends up in landfills or oceans?

The great news is that Plasgreen™ is designed to enhance biodegradation in these environments.

Do your part for the environment and buy products that have the Plasgreen™ logo on them.